Hi, my name is Diane Norman and I am a sub Grand Master in the Ohara school of ikebana.

I began studying ikebana 32 years ago and the subject has had me enthralled ever since. Ikebana is the wonderfull art form of Japanese floral Art.

I run a school of Ikebana teaching Ohara school methods, from a studio in my garden. The studio is purpose built in a converted cart shed standing in four acres of gardens and paddocks. This is wonderful for this art form as we have access to so much fresh plant material and we can cut branches as required.

I have recently been awarded an official ohara study group by the school in Japan and have I have been upgraded to sub Grand Master by gift of the school.

I am also a water colour artist and I exhibit and sell my paintings. My first book is available in all major book stores and is now published in paper back. My second book is in the process of publication. My next trip to Japan is in April 2016 where I take lessons in the Ohara school in Tokyo. This is a great opportunity to take part in the whole Japanese experience.

I hold regular demonstrations and lectures across england.